The tech effect on mental health: Are we getting it wrong? | Sarah Rose Cavanagh

The tech effect on mental health: Are we getting it wrong? | Sarah Rose Cavanagh

Dr. Sarah Rose Cavanagh is a psychologist, professor, writer, and Associate Director for grants and research for the Center for Teaching Excellence at Assumption College. Her research focuses on affective science, specifically emotion regulation and mood and anxiety disorders. Dr. Cavanagh is the author of Hivemind: The New Science of Tribalism In Our Divided World, (Grand Central Publishing, 2019) and The Spark of Learning: Energizing the College Classroom with the Science of Emotion, (West Virginia University Press, 2016). She lives in Massachusetts.

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30 thoughts on “The tech effect on mental health: Are we getting it wrong? | Sarah Rose Cavanagh”

  1. Tech is best. My mother once told me something that went like this: "We took you to school because that's what everyone else did but if not for that, you would have been raised like any dumb animal. " I think a smart phone opens the world to regular people like me. In fact, thats what got me into pigeon racing and I've made friends doing it. Never would have happened at any time in history for me.

  2. Our phone is a continual connect ion with who ever . Not withstanding , it was the need addvirtize for business . So , understand ing this social media can persuade you is confusing to anyone . I suggest we change the way we do business 😉 .

  3. It's a big deal. A lot of people abuse the fact of people in misery though. Like for instance: I'm a youtuber with a lack of watchtime. What do I do? I'm looking for vulnerable individuals which I can manipulate into believing that I actually care about them, so they will be hooked on my content and thus watch everything, even multiple times. I see it happening to a lot of people around me. Losing all sense of what they used to believe and are blind for what is happening. The inequality is growing for sure and the people who are on the positive side of this obviously only care about themselves and until they don't and start caring about others, this problem will not resolve itself. It's all in the hands of the elite few, whom don't care.

  4. Dr Rose, please research and understand the effects of EMR on biological systems.
    Tech means that we are/will be bathing in EMR….WiFi and coming 5G network radiations have significant effect on multiple physiological processes causing commensurate changes in behaviours and holistic health.
    Phychology and medicine is just shooting in the dark and subscribing to belief systems until mainstream research admits that EMR has wide ranging and significant effects on the population.
    The question is how to remedy this future epidemic problem.

  5. I've made some of my best friendships online and in many aspects the internet served as a test area to develop my social skills.
    It's how you use the internet.
    Some of us are using it to learn every day, others are just procrastinating.
    Right now I'm using it to learn Photoshop and ASP.NET programming.
    It's up to you. You choose who you want to be.
    Procrastinators were around long before the internet was a thing.

    My little brother (15y.o.) is a brilliant kid who's always trying to get smarter and learn stuff with it as well as gaming. If he can do it what's stopping you?

  6. If a program is inherently useful it does not depend on making people addicted in order to keep growing, it simply delivers its value when needed. i.e. social media is 100% not free, you pay with your attention, posture, and long term buyer intention, the length for which your eyes can stare at the screen and how profitable that is, has been estimated far enough that billions can be lost before the social media drug makes a profit.

  7. If we just lived and stopped talking about living the world would be a better place.Social media gives us a voice but "us" is alot of people.Maybe enough for a server to handle but way too much for the average person.If you think social media is good for anti social people who would rather stay in the house because it allows them to "stay in the house" and be social then you are sadly mistaken. Easy price of admission?That's pretty condescending.Anti social and chronically ill people need to get out more.period.

  8. Right now the internet is the wild west. So much crazieness goes on, and people havnt yet become sufficiently desecitized to make the internet into a perfect means of human connection. Still the internet becomes more mature with every sex tape and celebrity heartbreak, because eventually people will figure out how to use the internet to connect better and better, rather than waste their time.

  9. One problem is people who’ve grown up with it and never known life without it.
    They are usually the people who think their vie, no matter how ridiculous, is fact and seem to be the quickest to be offended by something else they don’t agree with, then judge, criticise and call anyone else racist, sexist, homophobic, Nazi etc just because someone’s opinion is different to theirs.
    Technology is amazing for learning, but many people just want to argue or blame everyone else for their problems because they think everyone else is better off than them

    Edit: I wonder why people would dislike this video

  10. Yes. Quit your bigthink job and kill YouTube. THE LADY IS LYING.
    she's a racist for promoting her white headthoughts thot
    Do it for the pygmy coltan miners.
    SLAVES but this dummy thinks she's important

  11. BIG THINK: Here is the thing, either technology helps species to consciously survive throughout all of future eternity, or it doesn't. (Some reusable code from my files):

    Consider the following:

    * There are 3 basic options for life itself, which reduce down to 2, which reduce down to only 1:

    a. We truly have some sort of actual conscious existence throughout all of future eternity.

    b. We die trying to truly have some sort of actual conscious existence throughout all of future eternity.

    c. We die not trying to truly have some sort of actual conscious existence throughout all of future eternity.

    * 3 reduced down to 2:

    a. We truly have some sort of actual conscious existence throughout all of future eternity.

    b. We don't. And note, two out of the three options above, we die.

    * 2 reduced down to 1:

    a. We truly have some sort of actual conscious existence throughout all of future eternity.

    b. We truly don't have any conscious existence throughout all of future eternity.

    (And note, these two appear to be mutually exclusive. Only one way would be really true.)

    And then ask yourself the following questions:

    1. Ask yourself: How exactly do galaxies form? The current narrative is that matter, via gravity, attracts other matter. The electric universe model also includes universal plasma currents.

    2. Ask yourself: How exactly do galaxies become spiral shaped in a cause and effect state of existence? At least one way would be orbital velocity of matter with at least gravity acting upon that matter, would cause a spiral shaped effect. The electric universe model also includes energy input into the galaxy, which spiral towards the galactic center, which then gets thrust out from the center, at about 90 degrees from the input.

    3. Ask yourself: What does that mean for a solar system that exists in a spiral shaped galaxy? Most probably that solar system would be getting pulled toward the galactic gravitational center.

    4. Ask yourself: What does that mean for species that exist on a planet, that exists in a solar system, that exists in a spiral shaped galaxy, in an apparent cause and effect state of existence? Most probably that if those species don't get off of that planet, and out of that solar system, and probably out of that galaxy too, (if it's even actually possible to do for various reasons), then they are all going to die one day from something and go extinct with probably no conscious entities left from that planet to care that they even ever existed at all in the first place, much less whatever they did and or didn't do with their time of existence.

    5. Ask yourself: For those who might make it out of this galaxy, (here again, assuming it could actually be done for various reasons), where to go to next, how long to get there, how to safely land, and then, what's next? Hopefully they didn't land in another spiral shaped galaxy or a galaxy that would become spiral shaped one day, otherwise, they would have to galaxy hop through the universe to stay alive, otherwise, they still die one day from something with no conscious entities being left from the original planet to care they even ever existed at all in the first place, much less that they made it out of their own galaxy. They failed to consciously survive throughout all of future eternity.

    6. Ask yourself: What exactly matters throughout all of future eternity and to whom does it exactly and eternally matter to?

    Either at least one species truly consciously survives throughout all of future eternity somehow, someway, somewhere, in some state of existence, even if only by a continuous succession of ever evolving species, for life itself to have continued meaning and purpose to, OR none do and life itself is all ultimately meaningless in the grandest scheme of things.

    Our true destiny currently appears to be:

    1. We are ALL going to die one day from something.

    2. We are ALL going to forget everything we ever knew and experienced.

    3. We are ALL going to be forgotten one day in future eternity as if we never ever existed at all in the first place.


    Nature is our greatest ally in so far as Nature gives us life and a place to live it, AND Nature is also our greatest enemy that is going to take it all away. (OSICA)

    * (Note: This includes the rich, powerful, and those who believe in the right to life and the sanctity of human life. God does not actually exist and Nature is not biased other than as Nature. Nature does what Nature does in a cause and effect kind of way. Truth is still truth and reality is still reality, regardless of whatever we believe that reality to be. And denying future reality will not make future reality any less real in a cause and effect state of existence.)

    ** Hence also though, legalizing suicide so as to let people leave this life on their own terms if they wish to do so. Many people and species are going to die in the 6th mass extinction event that has already started, at least some, horrible deaths. Many will wish they could die, and all will, eventually. But if suicide were legal, at least some people would not have the added guilt of breaking societies' law before doing so. Just trying to plan ahead here. Giving people an 'out' if they wish to take it.

  12. People just need to grow up and quit making excuses for having cruddy attitudes. It's not the internet's fault that you can't handle that someone else has a different opinion, or a different car, or a nicer house, or a shittier house. People will say and do things they otherwise wouldn't when face to face, because they're in the comfort of their own homes and bizarrely think that when they log off, that's the end of it because what happens online isn't real life. Wrong.

  13. You still fixate on symptoms of a cause. Our entire social environment, and in many cases private environment, are completely out of balance, even toxic. Addiction is escapism and escapism is a response to a negative environment of one kind or another.

    Why do we still to this day fixate on aspects of our societies instead of our societies as a whole. Our very core principles and ideologies must be examined for flaw that breeds such toxic environments. It is absurd that today people claim regression is progression, that division is progress and quality of life is the most important thing in existence.

    Democracy by its very nature divides. Its end state is literally civil war. The closer to a split vote you get the closer to a civil war you becomes. Capitalism enables self centered individuals to put themselves before the community when managing critical social systems the community requires. THESE are fundamental flaws in our foundational social systems that must be dealt with, not "big tech".

  14. I totally agree with Sarah. I feel it’s not the social media that’s the problem, it’s the expectation as a society which is ie your supposed to be the richest person or look like this. We are missing the point of life, we should communicate with each other, be happy and enjoy life no more no less, plain and simple.

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