Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Exercises (FEEL Better!)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Exercises (FEEL Better!)

Watch this video for easy to implement Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Exercises to help anxiety and help depression and help you live a happier life. What is CBT? Cognitive behavioral therapy is a highly effective therapy for anxiety and a highly effective therapy for depression. CBT techniques include cognitive restructuring of unhelpful thinking styles. Unhelpful thinking styles are called “cognitive distortions.” Cognitive behavioral therapy also focuses on changing destructive behaviors, compulsive behaviors and avoidant behaviors. If you are pursuing self help cbt for anxiety, or if you are working with a CBT therapist, the CBT exercises for anxiety in this video can help.

Barbara Heffernan is a CBT Therapist and an Approved EMDR Consultant. In this video she explains how to use a CBT Log, (also called a thought log), in order to feel better. This video expands on themes raised in the video CBT Unhelpful Thinking Styles, and also the video Traumatic Memory Processing.

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