Case study clinical example CBT: First session with a client with symptoms of depression (CBT model)


Case study example for use in teaching, aiming to demonstrate some of the triggers, thoughts, feelings and responses linked with problematic low mood. This section here represents the first 14 minutes of an initial therapy session, but in order to try and outline the vicious cycle, it moves faster than an average session might. The video features an actor playing the character of Lucy, but the dialogue is not scripted, and as such represents a natural therapeutic exchange. I myself am a qualified Clinical Psychologist, but would definitely not suggest that this is a perfect example of therapy!

This video was produced as a collaboration between the University of Leeds and Leeds Trinity University (Ricardo Barker).


  1. The Roar Within says

    This could be real.

  2. derpybob69 says

    Coke And Volkswagen Turtle

  3. Harley Robertson says

    A few months depression and not having anyone to talk to is harsh I understand but try 10 years….thats a bitch

  4. Prachurya Mohanty says

    Conversation is a key word in the field of psychology. Anxiety, depression, sense of loneliness, suicidal

    thoughts are common among those, who are left alone or being affected by killing incidents. A

    conversation can help to overcome these negative feelings. So the importance of an empathetic

    approach can not be ignored.

    According to my views, Listening plays a vital role in a conversation. Before that , asking with all the

    compassions can win the trust of the person who lacks from the mental balance. Then only supporting

    can become a healing touch to the concerned person and the process can make a difference.

  5. Thomas Chia says

    section 3

  6. Christopher Wallbank says

    The joker in Batman saw a psychologist his response was "everytime I come in you say the same thing, how was your day, have you had any negative thoughts…… All my thoughts are negative"
    Wonder how that therapist responded at someone opening up about their fraudulent profession

  7. samantha thomson says

    Hi , we are watching this video as a university project and I am just wondering if you had any frameworks in mind when making this video? (Biomedical, recovery or social)?

  8. christopher johnson says

    Patronising, condescending nonsense. This has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with CBT.

  9. hughjass311 says

    poor girl. she smiles while talking about all these things that trouble her. that just shows how accustomed she is to masking her pain.

  10. DudeThatsEffedUp says

    The Human Brain is retarded. (quite literally)
    Living in huge population societies is not how humans was supposed to be
    we're evolving faster than our brains can adapt to population increases and technology.

    We're hunter gatherers that are supposed to live in tribes.

  11. Inner Life Photography says

    i don't know why no psychiatrist never talks or believes in DESTINY and Environment ; these depressed people are born. They should do counselling in that particular way so things should be solved slowly because narcissist mother or father or siblings never allow you to take control over them hence putting you in depression and making you powerless and if you are strong and wise enough then you can control the circumstances slowly. Remember and read the word carefully "WISDOM"

  12. A S says

    So soothing

  13. Evropa Nazione says

    Where‘s the cock and ball torture?

  14. ColdCats says

    I hate when the therapist repeats everything you say… it gets old after a while. So annoying…

  15. Damian Fonville says

    This is fucking terrifying. I think I'll just stick with staying up till 3 am and cry

  16. sajoo ali says

    Dr Judith please contact this girl

  17. sajoo ali says

    Please name of this girl is want to marry her any content please i really like

  18. Quỳnh Anh Bùi says

    I think this could be a Humanistic, Carl Rogers approach than the CBT model, because I don't see much of behaviorism in the session. Or maybe this is just a short beginning, I hope there is a realization of the model more.

  19. Seb B says

    I went from watching Two and a Half Men to watching this video. I really feel for people who are depressed. I feel like that often though. I guess that’s why I watch Two and a Half Men lol. My solution to depression is to watch comedy series and keep my mind occupied with computer programming. Tried making friends online and at work but people don’t really want to hear about the cool algorithm you just programmed lol. Tried talking to them about things they are interested in but after a while they just get along with others more than they do with you. Despite forcing a smile on your face. Well such is life for some.

  20. This english ACCENT OF which country ?

  21. Sarah S Davies says

    CBT talk therapy does help clear things in the minds of people with depression. What I'm not so sure about is if a person still has to live in the toxic environment that triggered the depression … how can this technique help them to cope ?? Please respond and throw some light on this for us. Thanks !!

  22. Fluffy the neko says


  23. flaca213 says

    C: "Hi my name is lucy"… T: " so I understood that you said your name is Lucy?" C: "I am sad" T; " I hear you say you are a sad. is this correct?" I hate when therapists repeat every statement you make. I sounds like a call center employee

  24. shahzada ali hassan says

    Is there anyway possible that I can get to see the 2nd session?

  25. Laren P says

    Good luck getting real cbt especially if a male. Your therapist will want to wing it and probably not read your previous session notes

  26. cheeky baldhead says

    Loreto squaad where u at


    A good counseling process. Good communication from both Therapist and Client.

  28. Amar Raj reloaded says

    I can feel her.I cried in my 1st session.😢

  29. Vadim Troshkin says

    I wanted to vomit to listen to all crap. Do you have any idea how bad people in the test of the world?

  30. Vadim Troshkin says

    What a crap! Stop whining! Stop feeling sorry for yourself

  31. sqprxs says

    psychoterapy is a racket for the jews

  32. Mossfaerie says

    "The video features an actor playing the character of Lucy, but the dialogue is not scripted, and as such represents a natural therapeutic exchange "

  33. anfiscka says

    The therapist didn’t let her cry, but still she’s way better than all the therapists that I’ve visited and I lost all the faith in therapy.. all they do is made things much worse and I’m trying to help myself now.. that’s hard

  34. Sharafuddin Azimi says

    thank you for sharing this video

  35. Patrick Hanson says

    She seems very happy to be in an environment where she can be comfortable with an expert, and understood.

  36. Skno 1 says

    Let's start with the imperfections. Can anyone say she went for the stab before the girl was ready? A real master of the mind is always open minded

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