On this episode, we talked about:

Reframing thoughts and creating a life that you want
Trying to fix me
Breaking the cycle within y family
Changing generational patterns
Having automatic and self-talks
Operating from no judgment
Bringing attention back to the present moment
Shifting and being curious
Using imagination for good
Allow ourselves to grow

“Core beliefs are created by events in people’s life or repetitive events in their life”

“I’m going to teach you everything that I have, you’re going to learn this and be able to teach it to other people”

“If you have negative self-talk and only focus on what you do wrong, you start to feed your body with the wrong nutrients”

About Dr. Cecilia:

Dr. Cecilia Lopez (she/her) has been practicing therapy for over eight years in California’s South San Francisco Bay Area. She has a doctorate and master’s degree in counseling psychology and is a licensed marriage and family therapist.

She has spent a bulk of her career working at non-profits as a clinician and now runs a private online therapy practice. She is particularly keen on working with anxiety, anger and stress-related needs, and enjoys helping others work through fears (and other challenges) that hinder them from creating their ideal life. She playfully refers to herself as a “Fear Coach.” Dr. Lopez utilizes cognitive-behavioral and person-centered therapy, as well as expressive arts, mindfulness and meditation techniques to help others restructure thoughts and behaviors while working through emotions.

She also encourages the utilization of her clients’ unique cultural backgrounds throughout the therapy process.
When not providing therapy, Dr. Lopez provides educational content on mental health and wellness through her podcast (Mindful Living with Dr. Cecilia Lopez #mlwdclpodcast) and various social media platforms. Her mission is to de-stigmatize mental health and the process of attending therapy. She believes therapy can be a beautiful experience and anyone who wants it should be able to access and utilize it without hesitation.

She also enjoys providing training and hosting meet-ups online and in the community (Restructuring Thoughts, Emotions & Behaviors w/ Dr. Lopez via meetup.com