Live Broadcast #2 – Orthorexia, What is it??| Kati Morton

In this live broadcast I talk about orthorexia, what is it and what do we do about it. I also answered a few questions from viewers and more… Hope you like it!
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4 thoughts on “Live Broadcast #2 – Orthorexia, What is it??| Kati Morton”

  1. Idk if I got this
    I eat healthy because skin and health issues
    I do have ocd bdd anxiety
    But I also wanna eat healthy to avoid more issues
    Since I can’t get diagnosis or treatment on my health issues

  2. I'm starting to think orthorexia may be an issue for me. But, I also think to myself where do we draw the line between you may have an eating disorder and "you live in 2016 and there's a lot of bullshit going on with our food." We have pesticides, added hormones, GMO's, antibiotics, and grain fed animals. Not to mention ingredients like artificial flavors and colors. It's crazy! My mom has a friend who's daughter's grew up as vegetarians. They didn't start their periods until 16 years old. I didn't grow up as a vegetarian and I started my period at 12 years old. 12 YEARS OLD. My niece started hers at 9 years old. "Women" are starting their menstrual cycles earlier and earlier. In my opinion diet could be a large factor as to why.

  3. Hi Katie I was just wondering I come from a family of people who always talk about food and eating etc. I am a recovered anorexic sufferer-but I don't think I am living in a healthy environment-where everyone has an obsession with what everyone is eating.

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