Our guest today is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with 15 years of experience providing behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, and dialectical-behavior therapy for her clients. Also uses the Ketogenic Dietary Therapy as a treatment for Mental illness and Neurological Issues to help people explore Medication-Free Options for their Mental health.

Using a research and evidence-based nutritional psychiatry so that people can get their lives back without side effects or dependence on Big Pharma. She also started MentalHealthKeto.com Blog dedicated to providing education for people about the impact of Nutrition on our Mental Health.

Nicole Laurent shares her Health Journey that started in college when she developed a Chronic Pain condition that led her to take strong Pain medications just to be able to function. Upon getting off these medications, She developed a Mild Cognitive Decline. Desperate to find a solution to fix her brain, She discovered the Ketogenic Diet.

On this Episode we Discussed
-Psychology Background
-Developed a Chronic Pain Condition
-Struggle Getting Off Pain Medications
-Developing a Mild Cognitive Decline and Brain Issues
-Using Ketogenic to Fixed my Brain
-Psychotherapy and Medication for Mental Health Symptoms
-Evidence to Support The Ketogenic Diet for use in Mental Illness
-Brain Health on Ketones
-Understanding Medications for Mental Illness
-Effectiveness of Ketogenic Diet in Different types of Mental illnesses
-Keto Over Medications
-My Private Practice
-Before you Start Keto for Mental Health

Connect with Nicole Laurent, LMHC:

Keto for Mental Health


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