Positive self-talk: How to get started! #katiJT | Kati Morton

Every Tuesday & Friday I post a journal prompt to help keep you motivated and working on yourself!
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Happy Journaling Saturday! Today’s journal topic is just something that I heard while watching the wonderful and amazing Adriene:https://www.youtube.com/user/yogawithadrieneShe talked about how instead of telling people or ourselves what it is we are hoping for and wanting to happen, let’s talk about it as if it already has come to pass. You know how often I talk about how important what we say to ourselves is, well now let’s take it another step further and change how we talk about what we want… I mean what we already have!! (get it?) haha! Love you all! Have a wonderful weekend!⬇️ LINKS BELOW ⬇️
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43 thoughts on “Positive self-talk: How to get started! #katiJT | Kati Morton”

  1. There’s a book called what to say when you talk to yourself that have very powerful information. You bringing up the secret made me realise that these books are getting at the same idea, but the book I just brought up cuts out any of the filler and “hokey pokey mysterious stuff” and explains it very well and gives a very enlightening insight to self talk

  2. Your facial expressions remind me of Joan Cusack. And that is a compliment! Also you are hilarious. And also, on that movie the secret, they talk about the law of attraction. Now the key to the law of attraction for me, is that it is just a piece of information. And knowledge is power, right? So what the law of attraction means is: that which is, draws more.
    It is what makes a thing a thing, and what allows order.
    Anyway, I like this video! Thanks for what you are doing!

  3. I'm thrilled that you have this topic on positive self-talk. I have made a change in having a To-Do list vs a Got it done list. I noticed with a to-Do list my must accomplish perfection voice in my head states all the things I haven't done, no matter how much I've accomplished. Now with my Got it done list I have 3 things I set as a goal to accomplish, and anything else I accomplish is put on my Got it done list. When my perfectionist voice states all the things I have not gotten done, I simply recite the items on my Got it done list. This has been helpful in overcoming the voice that screams perfection.

  4. I m so lost at times and then I listen to your videos and it picks me up I think I need to talk with my doctor again already have appointment set got to get this straight! I get so sad mad just feel bad I don't know what I have anxiety or depression idk…..ugh! I'm on so many meds

  5. Thanks for another great video. Glad you mentioned Adriene, I love her videos. The two of you have helped me turn my depression around and get control of my thoughts. 💜💜

  6. I love the point of your self talk voices and talking back. Once I was at the point of smoking and I remembered a mentor told me once, ask what is saying and let it follow through. I id I was stressed and I needed some relaxation activities. So I ended treating the body to a great swim, massage and met friends for a coffee and chat:-)

  7. I love the point of your self talk voices and talking back. Once I was at the point of smoking and I remembered a mentor told me once, ask what is saying and let it follow through. I id I was stressed and I needed some relaxation activities. So I ended treating the body to a great swim, massage and met friends for a coffee and chat:-)

  8. I LOVE Yoga with Adriene! Her whole approach is so full of goodness for people struggling with ED. I've been doing her 30 Days of Yoga and every day it helps me check in with myself physically and mentally, without taking it too seriously. Plus she is hilarious and goofy like Kati 😁

  9. Great video! I am moving to Italy on Thursday to work as an au pair and I am soooo nervous!! I have just finished university and decided to take a gap year so I decided to do this as I need to do something out of my comfort zone. I keep telling myself that I didn't think I'd get through uni but I did and I achieved a 1st so if I can do that, then I can do this. I just need to try and stay calm and hopefully this experience will help get me out of my comfort zone and build my confidence.

  10. Hi Kati. I'm not sure where to post questions anymore, or what days you take them from, but I was wondering if it is normal for someone with social anxiety, general anxiety and depression to feel 'extreme' moods? I feel like I am either really depressed for months but then when I am happy I am really happy and like I have unlimited energy; l can't sit still or even sleep. Idk, I'm confused. I don't even know if I am explaining myself properly lol but I hope I am

  11. The very thought of doing this is giving me plenty of anxiety, because of the problem I often have with positive self talk-the fear of lying to myself. In the middle of distrusting other people because of past traumas and knowing that the illness voices are lying to me too I feel like I desperately need something provably real to be the positive thing to hold on to.

  12. I do positive talk and it helps.
    I have been suffering depression for a while now but I focus on my dreams of being an author and a school psychologist.
    I writing my own stories and I even say to myself, "I'm a school psychologist.
    Sometimes its not easy to keep positive but you gotta think of the up even when you are really down.

  13. Kati , you always post the right videos in the right moment. Before I go to bed, I usually think about what happend today, what Ive done,what were my emotions, what did I achieved and also what bothered me today etc… this helps me to relax and to get a better sleep. And as I watched this video, I remembered, that today, I thought too much about, that I would wish, that I could be/have this bodytype I desire. And than after remembering that, I realized, that I had my eating disorder thoughts again. They leave not as fast as they come…:D Well, this helped me to manage my meal plan today and to not fall into bad behaviours again. because I AM recovered. and I HAVE the right bodytype..
    So thank you Kati
    and I appreciate your work, even from this long distance ( I am from Germany 😉 )

  14. Hey, I was wondering if you could help. My school handles mental health awfully. They have said to several students who were suicidal that they wouldn't commit because they told someone/they were being dramatic. What should I do?

  15. Great idea- what's hard is if you have negativity forged into your thinking- almost like a "well if I presume things will go well, I'm putting a jinx on it, so I'll fail". I guess it's easier to start with the small things! Hey, I managed to get out of bed today!!

  16. I feel like for a lot of people when you're stuck in that bad place and you just can't get rid of that negative voice it's hard to see the positives or believe the positive self talk no matter how much you try… What do you do then? Xx

  17. hey kati, hope you're having a good day/night! So I'm currently seeing a psychologist for anxiety and depression. We're working through the anxiety first since I'm struggling with it more. I always get really anxious when I'm talking about it with her but when I'm at home or when I'm around my friends and family, I'm generally not that anxious. When I leave the house though, it's a bit different. But sometimes, I can barely even look at her. I'm usually waiting for her to ask me questions because I'm too anxious to bring anything up so I feel like we can't work on other issues. Because of this reason, I'm considering asking for a referral. I need your help because I'm not sure what to do :/

  18. Amazing you put this video out today as I've been struggling with a very new transition into a brand new career. Today specifically I had a breakdown from self doubt about whether I can really succeed and started the worry cycle of whether I made a mistake. I'm going to use this positive self talk and remind myself that I'm doing it, try to stop worrying about my future success, and just stay present. Thanks for the perfectly timed inspiration and keep doing what you do.

  19. Looooove Adriene and her channel.
    ->find what feels good! I can highly recommend it to esp. people who, like me, struggle with body issues/ taking care of their body. Been doing some of her beginners videos and it helps me feel a little more balanced. Thanks for the tip, Kati!!

  20. For me the hardest part is actually noticing the negative thoughts. For so much of my life I've had such horrible thoughts that I don't hardly notice them anymore. I'm doing a lot better with it now though 🙂 My next goal is to work on being mindful, checking in during the day at least every half hour if I can manage it and just being aware of my thoughts and feelings. So much of recovery is just being aware you know?

  21. Hi! In my final year of secondary school, I need to create a project on a subject which is important to me. It is a requirement because I am in the International Program in a French private school in Montreal. I chose to do a project on :How to love yourself. I will do a scrapbook with photos and text and I wish to make a copy of that book to keep in my school's library to help other girls in my school. For this project, I need to do research and interviews. I was wondering if I could send you an email with a couple of questions (2-3) and by the way, I chose to do my project in English so that there is no language barrier. I really hope that you respond to this because it would help me so much and I really love your videos. Please excuse any grammar error, I tried my best.
    Thank you💖

  22. I love the idea of a journal, but can't seem to just sit and write freely about any specific subject at all. What do you think about workbooks instead? I recently bought a workbook for managing PTSD and it explains that it is used as a 10 week program toward a more mindful way of thinking. Could a workbook like this help in the same way a journal is intended to? Thank you for your time in reading/responding. Every one of your videos always seem to get through to me in one way or another. 😊

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