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Self-Hatred & How To Deal with it! I receive a lot of questions about self-hatred, self-loathing & self-disgust. I feel that a lot of mental health issues that we deal with are rooted in this. What do we do to end the cycle of self-hatred, negative coping behavior, and more self-hatred? In this video we discuss two simple techniques I like to use to get us started towards a better future. Know that we can get better 🙂 and as always please share what works for you in the comment section. Download my NEW Self-Harm Workbook: me and Translate this video (this REALLY helps hearing impaired and non-english speakers): SCHEDULE…MONDAY – New video release
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47 thoughts on “Self-Hatred & How To Deal with it! Mental Health Help with Kati Morton | Kati Morton”

  1. I sometime look to the mirror and it hit me like this is me and i feel surprised as if I've never knew that…as if am meeting my self for the 1st time it feels weird and scary does anyone felt that before?

  2. I feel bad about myself because I have Bipolar Disorder, PTSD and I'm homeless. I'm working with a therapist but it's hard to stay well on the streets. Sometimes self hatred is based in reality. I do like your videos though. They're interesting.

  3. I can't stop it. Hate is like a storm in the pit of my stomach, I want to slap myself, I hate feeling my skin when I touch any part of myself. I feel slimy and disgusting. I hate the feeling of fabric on me. I hate looking at myself, the taste of my mouth, I want to run from myself. I can't stand it, I really can't work Just thinking about it. I feel relieved for the People that leave me behind, I envy them, truly. I want to hide, I want to sleep until this feeling goes away and I cant. There is Just one single Solution and I deep inside know that it Will catch up. It Will come to me and I am angry I feel afraid of it still.

  4. I HATE MYSELF. I hate that I don’t chase after the things I want in life because i’m so fucking weak!! I hate myself so much. Sometimes I wish i’d die, and sometimes I wish everyone else would suffer instead of me for once. The crazy thing is…I have a loving family, I DO have friends, and I’m financially stable. But all of that is trivial, as much as I’d love to be grateful of the things I do have, I just tend to hurt over the things I dont have and that others do. I hate the person am, the person I’ve become, and the people that I’ve hurt. I wish I could just go back and start over from the beginning. But it’s not possible. Everyday I feel more and more powerless and overall worthless. I hate myself for being so envious of others. I hate that I never told the girl I loved how I felt. I hate that I never had the guts to chase my dreams. I hate that everytime I meet a girl who’s nothing like the others, it doesn’t work out because I’m just not good enough. I hate that everyone expects great things from me, but I’m nothing but a failure. I hate that there are people out there who have everything and DONT deserve it. I hate that I hate myself and the entire world because in reality…I care. I care too much and I hate that I’m so vulnerable. How can I call myself a man, when I’m such a coward, when I’ve never been with a girl because i’m so damn insecure. I’m so fucking afraid of everything, that I don’t take chances. I hate myself and I don’t know if that’ll ever change.

  5. Years ago I relocated to marry a woman that I loved. Since then…
    My entire family passed away
    I was laid off from my job
    My wife and I had to declare bankruptcy.We lost everything.
    My wife divorced me because she stopped loving me.
    Women think I'm ugly and guys think I'm stupid
    I've been pretty much alone for years worrying about my future.
    I sometimes disappointed because I didn't pass away in my sleep. I have another day that I have to be me.

  6. I tend to give myself zero credit for the good days and all the credit for my bad days. All of the credit for my good days tend to go to other people. "That person made it a good day. I had nothing to do with that." I guess that's called self-victimization. I self loath because I don't think I'm capable of good things. I tend to feel better about myself the less time I spend with others, because then I have no choice but to give myself credit for my good days. I wish I could be social without putting myself down… But I also don't wanna put others down. Why does my brain force me to apply negativity to someone or something? Whether its a person, an event, an object, myself… It's like I have this hatred that needs to go somewhere. I hate that I can hate… If that makes any sense.

  7. I just got complimented and I cried. Not cause I was so happy about it but because I didn't believe the person and it felt like they are lying to me. I think that showed me that I hate myself even more than I thought I would.

  8. I am overweight and have been working out for a month I lost the weight but never gained what I wanted and now I am back to the same weight. I asked to get a room change because I get punched every day and I get poked in the side, all of my "friends" call me a barrel and stupid. I thought watching this video would help, but now I just hate myself even more and I don't why.

  9. I started my menses at age 11. Before my birthday. I just got confused and I began crying and I was perfectly happy and I was playing with my dolls and toys. I wondered why i was crying. I cried for about 3 minutes and my PARENTING comforted me. Doctors thought I was depressed I got put on anti depressant in jr. high. MY PROGESTERONE ALMOST WAS NOT MEASURABLE AT AGE 15. Patients need a complete physical and many blood tests and hormonal supplements. I am Estrogen Toxic and I take Progesterone supplements. DON'T USE HORMONES UNLESS YOUR DOCTOR TESTS YOU AND SAYS YOUR LEVELS ARE IMBALANCED. I WAS DEPRESSED AND CONFUSED FOR YEARS AND IT WILL MESS UP YOUR ENTIRE BODY AND HORMONES WILL INTERACT WITH YOUR MEDICATION IF YOU DONT NEED THEM OR IF YOU USE THE WRONG DOSE. MY MOTHER IS 66 OR 67 SHE HAS BEEN A NURSE SINCE SHE WAS 22. SHE HAS TAKEN CARE OF EVERY KIND OF PATIENT NURSING IS HER PASSION.



  10. Thank you @KatiMorton. I am new to your channel. I have resen struggling a lot. 2018 was my power year. This year I was miserable completely. You are funny. I have menstrual psychosis. I was the 21 person in the world with a case documented to have it. Look it up on wikipedia. It is now known about and treatable. Everyone else lived in Japan with 3 male versions of it. What the Male diagnosis is I do not know called. I was the only person in the United States. I grew up my whole life in Encinitas….. North Coastal San Diego. I was diagnosed age 21 with Bipolar one disorder. at UCLA by Doctor Resnick. disorder and I will be 35 in December. You are not alone. It took 9 doctors to diagnose me.

  11. My self hatred is me belittling myself. Calling myself horrible, a failure, ugly, stupid, undeserving of love, questioning why people like me or even want to talk to me. It's been in my life since I was in elementary school I want to say. I'm 23 now. I thought it was normal up until about 3-4 years ago. I would never hurt myself, but I do call myself down so much to the point where I just bawl out crying. I try so hard not to do this to myself. I tell myself to shut up and just stop. But that makes me want to cry more. Eventually I do things to distract myself. Usually watching youtube or netflix. And then I just don't really talk about it to anyone. Because I think that I shouldn't worry others with my issues, and are my issues even that important? Am I just making a big deal about this? Because to most people I know irl or even online friendships, I seem like I'm fine. I seem like I'm happy and cheerful, but I'm not always like that. And honestly I'm probably just being like that at that moment, for them. So that they're happy and so that they don't have to worry about me. Or so that they won't have to question me of why I feel this way. I'm not even really sure. There shouldn't be a reason for me to even feel like this. I just do. Anyways, if you're out there reading this to the end, thank you. And I hope you get the help you need to feel better.

  12. telling troubled people to just "be positive" is terrible advise. It's like telling them to just deny they have problems and pretend they don't exist and all that positivity will make it all disappear

  13. Triggering thoughts warning, if you are not feeling well yourself please don't read this.

    I don't know, it feels like I am in a waiting room at the moment- with no idea what I'm waiting for. It just feels so empty, pointless and like I'm just killing time. And I hate myself for being like this, for not knowing how to stop this way of thinking or at least be happy or thankful. I feel like I owe it to the people I love and who love me too, but I dont know how long i can continue this. Also I hate how over dramatic this sounds, like I have no right to complain and why the fuck am i even making a big deal out of this, its just whiny and I should just shut up, but i still cant stop feeling this way.
    I dont know, i just felt like typing this out.

  14. What about if you feel so desperately sad and self hating, but can't talk to family or friends and constantly feel like never want things to improve, as in your feel worse looking for advice to help you?

  15. I'm so confused. I'm lost. I dont feel like I'm in control of my life. I hate myself, and even my friends dont like me. My dad told me he doesnt love me anymore a few weeks ago, I'll never forget it. I want to kill myself but I cant, I just cant, because the thought of what it would do to my mum and my sister just hurts me so much, it makes it so much worse. I just want to be liked by other people. I know I come across as a bit of a cunt when I'm around people, but I really dont meant to. I try to be nice but I just come across the complete opposite. I hate it. I dont understand. I'm just so confused and scared and I want to die to escape, but I want to live as well, to try to make something of myself. I'm not built for this and it makes me so so so, so sad

  16. I kept breaking done in hysteric tears and having tons of mood swings during work and my inside thoughts became so drastic that I could not function mentally at work. I quit my job immediately, took time off went broke, got a job that was physically demanding, that released endorphines and now I am much happier! I have been noticing that I have depressive episodes at least once a year and that can get so bad that I physically cannot get out of bed. It turns into sleeping 16 hours a day and takes a toll on the loving people around me. I either have super highs or super lows, when I am in between in its usually when I am not thinking about anything specific and I am working and don't think about anything else. My mind wanders when it comes to important things and even everyday conversation. Someone would talk to me and one word might trigger something and I would loose focus of the conversation altogether and sometimes I would be so distracting thinking about a memory or idea that the word triggered that I forget or don't realize that I am at the specific location having a conversation let alone the person I am talking to. This "spacing out" moment has always been with me through out my life it has just become so often it can happen multiple times in a conversation that I have to kind of yell at myself in my head-"focus Amanda, stay focus, focus" then start to repeat in my mind what the person was saying after they say it to get back on the cconversation. I would also be distracted by the surrounding environment, ex: that girl has curly hair, there is brown dog there, oh he is chewing gum, I can see his freckles, the light turned and the car went right I wonder if that was the way hhewas supposed to go, maybe he is going home, what time should I go home, probably 8-shoot I am having a conversation what was being said. Then I would try to piece the conversation back by words I may have heard when I was distracted. I can have issues with keeping things neat and tidy in specific locations outside of my home and I would organize multiple times a week even a day but when I get home there is just so much that is overwhelming that I don't do anything to organize, when I do it is usually when I am so angry or upset and I get irritable that I will get mad when anything touches me which also happens when my environment is hot or hummid, I will have angry out bursts and everything that touches me makes me angry. And that is not even half of things I go through…. Sorry I needed the vent moment just now

  17. What I do whenever I feel down is that instead of pointing out flaws of your body start thinking about the good things you've got.. that's my way of feeling better 🙂

  18. I honestly hate my personality but i can’t change as it is what it is. Not that im being stubborn. i’ve tried to change multiple times but it always ended up me being myself. I know that being yourself is a good thing and everyone out there is encouraging that concept. But the fact that the surrounding people in my life almost have the same personality (critical, decisive, strong, confident etc) that differs from mine (emotional, empathetic, indecisive, insecure, allegedly dreamy) makes me question myself whether im a loser or something. I always feel im not good enough for all of them, and that im always taken for granted because people really look down on me or disrespect me. There’s something about me, maybe the appearance, that invites disrespect and low opinions from people all around. Sometimes i just wish to be like a plant or something else, just being without emotion so that i could not be hurt anymore

  19. I hate myself because I get mad at myself when I do something stupid or wrong and I blame myself for stuff that wasn’t my fault but I think it is this has been going on for a year now I’m only 10 I’m trying to help myself not think that it’s just really hard I sometimes bang my head on walls and I just don’t know how to stop it it’s just really hard my grandfather had diabetes and he killed him self he went into the woods and stopped takeing his meds and died I don’t want to kill myself but I do but I don’t it’s just so hard I don’t know what to do 😭

  20. Hehe.. im addicted to loneliness and hopelessness…. its fun you know … when u know there is no hope for u and there is no one that will help.. but it makes me extremely angry at myself wgat right do a trash like me have to even think someone will help me… btw its kinda fun being drowned in despair giving up.. getting panic attacks .. i kida like yhese things.. i wont commit suicide but seriously if had really high regenerative abilities i would smash a fcking hammer on my dam face.. i will tear that fcking sh!t (im talking about myself)… self hatred is kinda good too. I like being hopeless…

  21. Some part of me wants to feel good about how I look or how I come across to others, but I fear not being humble or real with myself. Logically, I know that if I’m feelin' myself or I’m confident one day, that doesn’t make me arrogant or an immoral person, but emotionally, I put myself down for those few moments of self love. I’ve never quite come to terms with that before, so Kati, I thank you for your channel. In this short video, I learned how beneficial it is to cherish my moments of self appreciation, and tackle my internal insecurities. But further yet, you have helped me to understand the value of therapy as a tool to break those hurtful cycles of thought we all have.

  22. I think i am so messed up. Never did anything "bad", but I told so many lies to just make myself look better when I actually failed. I am constantly trying to make up things, trying to make things right while hating myself for my incompetence and laziness. Then it comes to a point that you just give everything up again and tell more lies to make yourself look less pathetic. I know this is gonna come to a very very bad end. One day I will be confronted by all the people I love and they will know that I am just a piece of lazy pathetic shit that doesn't deserve anything good. Above is my toxic thought that haunts me everyday…I know this is not the entire truth but I can't help to think myself that way.

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