In episode 27 of the Semi-Interactive Podcast, I was joined by Nigel as we talked about recovery, sobriety, and many more topics, as you can see by the Show Notes.

For both of us, sobriety is a big factor in our lives. We try our best to be sober and also to practice the act of recovery, which is recovering from events we either caused or didn’t cause. It’s a tough path to travel, but we try our best to stay physically sober and practice the mental and emotional actions of recovery so we can be the best versions of ourselves we can be. This podcast, then, was us discussing how we keep things in check.

Content Warning:
We talk at length about alcoholism, sobriety, addiction, recovery, and some aspects of healthcare. Outside of that? Small In Possibility

EarthBound – minor elements about some of the early bosses, but with advance notice

Special Thanks:
All the Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous groups and folks that have helped us and helped out others along the way.

Nigel Neverland: – Nigel’s side business – Slow Moving Snakes, Nigel’s band


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Show Notes:
[01] Number of assets used in the overlay, using EarthBound sprites: 49
[02] DaKat’s Soundcloud

[03] FF3 SNES
[04] GameTracks
[05] Sushi places:

[06] Dexter
[07] Witcher series
[08] Game of Thrones
[09] Star Trek: Next Generation
[10] Korean economy [note: Zombiepaper misspoke, this was President Park Chung-hee, a controversial figure in Korean politics]

[11] Dialectical behavior therapy, wise mind
[12] “If I Had More Time, I Would Have Written a Shorter Letter”
[13] Ron White
[14] 40-Year-Old Virgin
[15] Nigel’s business: Libris In Caps

[16] Ellen Dugan
[17] Serenity Prayer
[18] Nigel’s friend, Joshua Ray Walker
[19] Steve-O: Demise and Rise
[–] Parasocial interactions

Chat Log:

Not Sponsored Charities For This Episode:
Foundation 45
“Foundation 45 funds counseling services for mental health, addiction and suicide survivors. In addition to providing services, we work to break the stigma surrounding these topics.”

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