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Taking a break from the internet and personal boundaries…This video explores the idea of focusing on yourself and not interacting with the online world. I tried it this weekend while out out town. At first it was weird, like a part of me was missing, but then I started interacting with those around me in a clearer, more focused way. I wasn’t waiting to check twitter every 5 minutes. It was really interesting taking 4 days off….Kati Morton, MFTI
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20 thoughts on “Taking a break and Personal Boundaries – Kati Morton Healthy Mind, Healthy Body! | Kati Morton”

  1. Great reminder Kati! I really like your videos, but I wanted to suggest you stop using the word ghetto to describe something that's "not cool."

    Whether you're referencing poor and segregated Black neighborhoods, or parts of Warsaw to which Jewish people were restricted—there are more appropriate words you can use to describe something you don't like that aren't racist and classist.

    I recognize this video is 5 years old and you probably know this now, but posting here in case others need to reflect on their use of the word. I know I had to at one point.

    Thanks again for your hard work.

  2. I love this video – I think it's an important thing to remind people to do, to disconnect for a bit. I'm a bit older than you, Kati, and every time I take a break from the internet for a day or two I think, "Oh yeah! THIS is what it feels like to be relaxed!" I know I can be an internet addict and I've noticed that if I'm having a hard time, my mood will improve if I take a break from the net. I'll create a text file, type a gibberish password and copy and paste that as my new password for FaceBook, then send the password to a friend and tell them to hold on to it and not give it to me for a week or a month. And you know what? By the time I get my password back, I really don't feel the desire to be plugged in 24/7 and I find I do more offline things with my time.

  3. hey kati,
    I'm so glad I found you. I have always known that I had a "different" relationship with food, but I could never "get" it. After watching your channel, I have realized that I have an ED. I binge eat sometimes every day for months, then I snap out tend to restrict until I loose the weight. Your video on having an ED and being overweight helped me: i'm not afraid to get therapy now.Right now, i'm doing good and am healthy, but i'm seeking help because I know I haven't moved past this yet

  4. The last time I got a healthy dose of reality check was when I visited rural western China, where I had no phone service or internet for six days, and I was surrounded by subsistence farmers who probably couldn't fathom such an alien thing as an eating disorder.

  5. I have been recently cutting. And my friends found out about it and are upset with me. They told me to tell them why i did that to myself and i didnt really want to because i knew that they would judge. I told them that it was because i was upset. And they began to ramble about that not being a good reason and how dumb it is. And that really hurt because they just dont understand. Is it dumb? And how do i help them understand? Plz help my life is going to be hell at school.

  6. Haha thanks for the laugh!!! I needed that after my therapy session today. Right now with school and all its so hard for me to take time for myself. Not only that, I really don't know how since Im always doing everything for everyone else or doing stuff for school. I have never been the type to do things for myself. I think the only time I have for myself is when I am in the shower.

  7. I WISH I could, I have assignments due in in a couple of weeks then I have to revise for a resit that is during spring break then I have to go straight back into coursework that's due in the week after spring break and then I'll have to start revising for end of year exams. then I'll work on the taking time out for myself during summer. Although I guess it's actually more refreshing for me to just take half an hour, lay on my bedroom floor with my lights off and listen to relaxation music..

  8. Hey I have a couple unrelated questions… I stopped purging two or three years ago, and ever since I started, my throat is super sensitive. Whenever I get sick 95% i have horrible throat pains even though it's a virus that typically doesn't cause a sore throat… Do you think it could be because of my past bulimia? And also I tried downloading your work book but I never got it in my email and I checked the spam folder and everything… What should I do now? Thanks in advance!

  9. bawhahahahaha you made me laugh saying the phones in the car are so ghetto!!! my mom was a thelephone operator in the 70's and 80's she said the only people who had thoes phone in their cars were doctors, lawyers, and big exectivites and she had to conect them through the swich boards! she said the phones were huge!!

  10. Hahahaha Kati. I'm the same age as you. Well almost, I'm 28. I remember car phones. Remember on saved by the bell when Zach started talking on this huge cell phone and we thought it was so cool? Remember pagers and how cool it was just to get your own phone in your room? #90'sChildren

  11. If someone could guarantee me that if I went to therapy I would get someone as nice as you Kati, I would go in an instant! I think it should be compulsory for all therapists to make at least an intro video about themselves so you know what to expect!

  12. I completely agree that sometimes we need to get offline for some time! Meeting and actually talking to "real" people is so important!! I dont have internet on my phone when Im back home in germany 😀 and I wont really have internet in treatment which starts on thursday..but I guess its a good thing to take some time for myself then! xxxx

  13. I took a break from social media over New Years this past year, and went to a music festival with my friends. I had a blast, and when I came back home everything was just fine like you said. It is spring break this week, let's see what adventures I conjure up to get away for a while. Great video, and Mammoth looks beautiful!

  14. I actually deactivated my facebook account a few weeks ago to give myself a break and it was hard for the first few days but I am glad I did and I don't think I will be going back any time soon. My close friends know how to reach me 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the time off!

  15. yay you're back! welcome back to the internet. The only time I tend to spend away from technology is when I'm at work, I don't think that counts though. As soon as I'm done with assignments I'll go be sociable and uncontactable! until then the best I can do is uncontactable but hidden away doing essays (why did no one tell me uni is haaaaaarrrrrdddddd?!)

  16. i think i should really do that to 🙂 take a time of the internet xx but im afraid that people will get angry if im not there for them xxx but thank u Kati i'll try it 🙂 by the way another amazing video 😀 xxxx

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