The O'Reilly Update: November 5, 2019


Here’s what’s happening across our nation.

– President Trump challenging impeachment at a rally in Kentucky
– The U.S. stock market hits an all-time high
– The USA formally exits the Paris Climate Agreement
– U.S. citizens killed an kidnapped in a cartel shoot out in Mexico
– A new study says millennials feel inadequate dealing with day to day
– O’Reilly Update Message of the Day: unmasking the whistleblower.


  1. truth seeker says

    Love President Trump. He's being put through hell and that's what happens in this world when people really stand for what is right.

  2. Mt Thielsen says

    Dems never learn.

  3. kahlil303 says

    biden is not his opponent

  4. Mary Kidd says

    Oh! Mr. Bill!! Love your updates

  5. Miller Forester says

    Gold is not an investment, it is a proven store of value.  Buy it, and hold for life.  Not stored by someone, not an ETF, but the yellow stuff in your hand.  The safest way is to buy it locally, and pay cash.

  6. Miller Forester says

    Bill,I haven't heard a news report like this in a long time.  Actually reading some news.  How about a lot more news articles, and less editorial comment.  Perhaps a little during the last minute, saying that it is your opinion.

  7. David Buzzin says


  8. David Buzzin says

    ???❤MR. BILL…….ROCKS !!!!!!!!

  9. David Ohmart says


  10. Derek McConnell says

    This is so stupid the rest of the world is laughing at us

  11. Johnathan Geek says

    In defense of millenials (heaven help me), who raised these kids? Who give them participation trophies and told them they were "special"? Who coddled them and never let them experience adversity and disappointment as children?

  12. Tim Creason says

    Honesty is best poylacy something a demo lost a long timeago.trump will get persefill this.rep lv this country.demo just lv power and a crook like Hilary or good ole joe.

  13. DON W says

    As soon as the senate gets it they should call Schiff, H. Biden and the whistle blow hard to testify.

  14. Cindy Swafford says

    It’s all a Sham that Stinks to high heaven! I will vote for President Trump for a second term.

  15. Ann VanderMolen says

    I am afraid for our Nation if a Demcrat gets in the White House! They started this coup impeachment the day he was elected! I hope Bill Barr and Durham come forward with news on the Russian Probe soon!

  16. Thomas Stecyk says

    How do we fight a war on drugs? The war should focus on the growers and the cartels that package and traffic the drugs. So the US should be helping Mexico stop the cartels business. So if t6here is a war on , why are cartels still trafficking their poison? This business should have stopped years ago. No cartels are still conducting business as usual. So who is lying? Is there a game going on? What is the deal????????? P.S. This just looks bad for all involved…..

  17. TheDefiance76 says

    I'm so glad I don't have to watch Fox to hear bill now ♥️???

  18. Thomas Tessier says

    Bill is still one of the very best there is, straight forward and honest.

  19. Tonya Brooks says

    I do not agree that Syria's leader is a tyrant. He is well loved by his people and keeps fighting the AMERICAN CIA formed ISIS that want to remove him. Another thing, Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi should have been left alone to rule their countries and keep their people in line. Also this so-called impeachment is a coup d'état by the maniac Communist Leftists that should be rounded up and sent to North Korea to live under Communist rule. What works for one country does not work for all and this New World Order will NEVER work as long as there are rebels willing to fight against them.

  20. David Erlbacher says

    Thanks Billy good job always enjoyable

  21. Rasputin says

    We need you back on Fox, Bill!

  22. Luke says

    "Schiff" and "intelligence" do not belong in the same sentence. Who appointed this jackass to the Intelligence Committee? Oh, never mind…..

  23. Trey De Blasio says

    The Dossier didn’t begin the investigation. The FBI had other information. The dossier wasn’t even supposed to be considered vetted. A lot of it didn’t have enough evidence to back it up. It was a jumping off point. Some of it has been verified. The Mueller Report rejected one thing that it said. Other stuff could never be verified. It wasn’t finished until December 2016 and the Clinton campaign actually stopped paying for it after Election Day. Don’t you think Hillary Clinton would’ve released that garbage if she had it?

  24. Xepa Apex says

    Such info…Great RPT, Go Bill!

  25. Stephen McCloughan says

    And Bite me Biden should be invested

  26. Stephen McCloughan says

    The wisl blower should testify

  27. TELLEMENT2000 says

    I really cannot understand what is so hard about "modern life" for so many Millennial snowflakes.  Of course, when I read that some mothers call their kids AT COLLEGE to tell them it's time to get up, some of the confusion goes away.  What a job their parents did to these super-sensitive, coddled cry-babies…parents need to prepare their kids to be INDEPENDENT, PRODUCTIVE ADULTS, not whiny babies who need mom and dad to do everything FOR THEM well into adulthood.  That kind of indulgence is really a form of abuse.  THINK before you decide how to raise a child.

  28. A.Anthony Capoccia says

    What the house is doing it’s not impeachment… idiots

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