hello, everyone. in today’s video I share some of the pros and cons of being a research coordinator. as with most things in life, everything is a balance! i learned a great deal from being at this job and feel very grateful that it helped me to have a strong application to be able to be accepted into grad school 🙂 I hope you find this video helpful or interesting 🙂 xo, yeonni

🌱about me:
I am a korean-american mental health professional making videos on youtube on my weekends! I love spending time with my cats, drinking iced dirty chais & reading in the park on sunny days.

– my education: bachelors degree in psychology and masters degree in social work
– my ethnicity: korean (born in korea, moved to the states when I was six years old)
– why psychdarling: “psych” for psychology which I love, and “darling” to represent my commitment to live with compassion and purpose at the forefront of my professional and personal pursuits

🌱business & collabs contact: psychdarling.co@gmail.com